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Biomedical Engineering Senior Projects

2015/2016 Senior Projects

Periodontitis Monitoring Device

1. Lindsey Cabanas
2. Naina Iyengar
3. Sindhuja Kuchibhatla

Advisor: Dr. Hall

Student Website:

EEG Controlled Wheelchair

1. Christopher Spellman
2. Cristian Velazquez
3. Peter Okoh
4. Jeffery Lawrence
5. Christopher Egan

Advisor: Dr. Wei, Dr. Adegbege

Student Website:

RCSD – Rotator Cuff Strengthening Device

1. Catherine Guarino
2. Christine Dezerga
3. Danielle Shapiro
4. Steven Brucato

Advisor: Dr. BuSha, Dr. Adegbege

Student Website:

Portable Vitals Monitoring Device

1.  Emily Atzert
2.  Jordan Kayal
3.  James Gilligan
4.  Christopher MacTaggart

Student Website:

AIR (ACL Injury Rehabilitation) Device

1.  Bryan Cromwell
2.  Prithvi Singh
3.  Timothy Eck
4.  Jonathan Popo

Student Website:

Smart Cushion: A Device to Reduce the Risk of Pressure Ulcers

1.  Khaled Alhaddad
2.  Abigail Baldwin-Leclair
3.  Anna Kedzierska
4.  Bernabe Sanjuanelo

Advisor:  Dr. Christopher Wagner, Dr. Larry Pearlstein

Student Website:

2014/2015 Senior Projects

Mandibulomaxillary Fixation Device

1.  Devon Horner
2.  Kyle Hyland
3.  Yung Han Jeong
4.  Victoria Martin

Advisor:  Christopher Wagner

Student Website:

SAExo (Strength Amplifying Exoskeleton)

1.  Carmen Cincotti
2.  Shaun O’Donnell
3.  Christina Rabolli
4.  Gabriela Zapata

Advisor:  Brett BuSha

Student Website:!about/c240r

Arm Prosthesis with Interactive Neural Input Device

1.  Adriana Chisholm
2.  Logan Hones
3.  Lauren Sidow
4.  Giancarlo Cruz (ECE)
5.  Dan Castellucci (ECE)

Advisors:  Xuefeng Wei (BME), Ambrose Adegbege (ECE)

Student Website:

Sprained Ankle Robotic Exerciser

1.  Faraz Ahmed
2.  Jerry Chang
3.  Nailah Mubin
4.  Kevin Resto (ECE)

Advisors:  Christopher Wagner  (BME),  Seung-Yun  Kim (ECE)

Student Website:

TCNJ Athlete Tracker

1.  Roberto Cortinas
2.  Jessica Gonzaga
3.  Anasha Green
4.  Aileen Saulenas

Advisor:  Brett BuSha

Student Website:


1.  Andrew DeMaria
2.  Kishan Faldu
3.  Sona Patel
4.  Anmol Tank

Advisor:  Xuefeng Wei

Student Website:

2013/2014 Senior Projects

Arm Prosthesis with Interactive Neural Input Device

  1. Danny Chang
  2. Ian Hinnenkamp
  3. Ashray Jha

Advisor: Xuefeng Wei

Biphasic Bioresorbable Internal Fracture Fixation Device


  1. Gabriella Becker,
  2. Allyn Calvis,
  3. Lauren Hazlett (Project Leader),
  4. Mary Verzi

Advisor: Manish Paliwal

Epilepsy Monitoring Device

  1. Mark Curran
  2. Rachel Kolb (Project Leader)
  3. Kevin Pineda
  4. Timothy Skinner

Advisors: Brett F. BuSha,  Ambrose Adegbege

Fused Deposition Modeling Bioprinter II

  1. George Banis (Project Leader)
  2. Kim Chan
  3. Chris Marki
  4. Scott Lisa

Advisor: Christopher Wagner

Intuitive Leg Assist Device II

  1. Nick Hajjar
  2. Matt Morgan
  3. Kunal Saxena
  4. Brit Zaro

Advisors: Constance Hall, Orlando Hernandez

Posture Deviation Detection System

  1. Alex Crane
  2. Krishna Doppalapudi
  3. John O’Leary
  4. Patrick Ozarek

Power Assistive Exoskeleton

  1. Miguel Colon
  2. Yara Hamid
  3. Jonathon Lopez
  4. Trevor Reynolds
  5. Leah Scully

Advisors: Brett BuSha, Seung-yun Kim, Manish Paliwal

Shape Memory Polymers Treatment of Fusiform Aneurysms

  1. Jency Mathew
  2. Lauren Lucanie
  3. Emily Readdy
  4. Yazan Kadkoy

Advisor: Constance Hall

2012/2013 Senior Projects

Click here for archived projects.


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