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BME Fall 2020 Dean’s List


The list below indicates the Department of Biomedical Engineering students whose outstanding academic achievement has placed them on the Dean’s List. This list includes only students who have authorized the release of information in accordance with the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Fall 2020 Dean’s List

(Department of Biomedical Engineering)

Sachely Antuna Nicholas Markovic Daniel Siegel
James Bratt Kaitlyn Massarelli Wali Sohail
Allison Burton Hannah Massey Taniya Sood
Nicholas Cavallero Grace Matassa Gabriel Sta. Rosa
Avneet Chawla Chase Miller Zachary Steffens
Rosalie Connell Hannah Morgan Alexandra Stibler
Amanda Dias Jessica Murray Akhila Tetali
Zindy Dias Kara Neal Patricia Thomas
Jack Felipe Cindy Nguyen Aimee Torres
Sarah Gildea Daniela Nizamoff Sabrina Vander Wiel
John Goldinak Calvin Okulicz Julia Vardiman
Samantha Gorlewski Christina O’Neill Jonathan Vasquez
Spencer Haber Hannah Palahnuk Sebastian Winter
Gina Ingegneri Grace Palahnuk Grace Zimmermann
Colleen Kalinowski Nikhil Parab Kristen Zozulia
Kayla Kennedy Juwon Park
Rachel Kovach Kileigh Pfluger


“All degree candidates who complete 3 or more course units [=12 credits] (other than additive credits) in a semester with assigned letter grades and who have earned a 3.5 GPA that semester are eligible to be included in that semester’s Dean’s List. Pass (P) is not an assigned letter grade and may not be used toward meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List.”