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BME Students Attend 2016 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference in Orlando

TCNJ BME students Christopher (C.J.) Gearhart ’17, Miriam Meller ’17, Benjamin Varone ’17, and former Brazilian exchange student Daniel Tamashiro Jr. presented their research during the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Orlando, Florida.

C.J. Gearhart, Ben Varone presented their work with Associate Professor Brett BuSha on a project titled “An Effective 3-Fingered Augmenting Exoskeleton for the Human Hand”. Their submission selected as a Lecture Presentation, and was delivered by Dr. BuSha to a packed room of engineers and scientists.  “This was the first conference I’ve ever attended and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in on as many presentations as possibly,” said Ben. “It was interesting to see the breadth of topics covered in different presentations and I was grateful to be able to attend this conference.”

Miriam Meller presented her work co-authored with Assistant Professor Xuefeng Wei and two other TCNJ engineering students graduated earlier the year. Miriam’s work “Novel Fractal Planar Electrode Design for Efficient Neural Stimulation”, was initiated during her 2015 MUSE research with Dr. Wei.  “The IEEE-EMBC conference was a great experience. I met several people who helped me understand whether graduate school is the right choice for me and boosted my confidence about my preparedness for it,” said Miriam. “Additionally, I learned a great deal about current projects and techniques in biomedical and electrical engineering.”

Daniel Tamashiro Jr., who spent his 2015-2016 academic year at TCNJ as an exchange student, presented his work with Dr. Wei, “Modeling Study of Axonal Block Induced by High Frequency Stimulation”. This work resulted from an independent study course (BME 391) Daniel conducted with Dr. Wei during the spring. Recently, Daniel returned to Brazil for his senior study at University of Campinas, São Paulo; however, he is continuing this computational work with Dr. Wei.