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BME Students Attend NEBEC

Nine biomedical engineering senior design teams presented their work at the 38th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) hosted by Temple University in Philadelphia.  They also competed with senior design teams from throughout the northeast. The teams were comprised of 30 biomedical engineering seniors, one electrical engineering and 2 mechanical engineering students.

BioBox: Environmental Chamber for Microscopic Observation
Team Members: Max An, Danny Santucco, Caroline Wang, Benjamin Winter
Advisors: Connie Hall, PhD and Allen Katz, PhD

Body Powered Anthropomorphic Prosphetic Hand with Force Feedback and Auto Rotation Regimes
Team Members: Erik Anderson, Joe Moloughney, Konstantin Ozerinsky, Ralph Saleh
Advisors: Manish Paliwal, PhD

Design and Implementation of a Microfluidic Device for Studying Angiogenesis
Team Members: Melissa A. Calt, Michelle K. Sempkowski, Shruti Ahlawat, Richa Lamba,
Advisor: Christopher Anderson, PhD

Design of a Mechanical CPR Device: Automated CPR To-Go
Team Members: Tonya Habibian, Ashka Mehta, Louie Hernandez, Angelina Harr
Advisor: Connie Hall, PhD

Flow Chamber for Drug Delivery
Team Members: Ga Young Han, Kevin Hardiman, Renee Hyer
Advisor: Christopher Anderson, PhD and Syed Zaidi, PhD

Non-Invasive Neonatal Vital Acquisition Unit
Team Members: Michael Bunalski, Mellissa .Mastro
Advisor: Brett BuSha, PhD

Rehabilitative Arm Assist Device
Team Members: Andrew Levitsky, Christian Mejia, Danny Molina, Christina Paparella & Greg Van Ness
Advisor: Constance Hall, PhD and Jennifer Wang, PhD

Study of Material and Process Compatibility for a Hybrid Tissue Scaffold Formation System
Team Members: James Ferrie, Kevin Froster, Timothy Olson, Raj Vansia,
Advisor: Christopher Anderson, Phd, and Karen Chang Yan, PhD

Transportable Infant Incubator for Developing Counries
Team Members: Rober Cichocki, Adam Midouin, Ricky O’Laughlin
Advisor: Brett BuSha, PhD

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