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BME Students Presented at 39th Annual NEBEC

“Fused Deposition Modeling BioPrinter” team took fifth place overall at the Senior Project Design Competition
“Fused Deposition Modeling BioPrinter” team took fifth place overall at the Senior Project Design Competition

Thirty one TCNJ engineering students (28 biomedical engineering majors and 3 mechanical engineering majors) students presented at the 39th annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) which took place from April 5-7th, 2013. The conference was held in Syracuse University and the theme for this year was “Rehabilitative and Regenerative Engineering.”  All senior project teams that attended this conference participated in the Senior Design Competition. Judges from several northeastern biomedical engineering programs determined which projects were worthy of an award, which included a monetary prize. One TCNJ team, “Fused Deposition Modeling BioPrinter” won 5th place overall out of 58 entries. The interdisciplinary team members were Hayin Candiotti, Brian Karl, Kendra Knowles and Dana Mathews from biomedical engineering , and Kyle Mohen from mechanical engineering. Their advisors were Dr. Constance Hall (Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Manish Paliwal (Mechanical Engineering). The other teams were as follows:

A Novel Inductive Biphasic Proximal Humerus Internal Fracture Fixator

By: Joshua Erndt-Marino, Salim A. Ghodbane, Chris Pachomski, Drew White
Adviser: Dr. Manish Paliwal (MEC)

Development and Study of a Hybrid Tissue Scaffold Fabrication System for Neurotrophin Delivery

By: Vishal P. Jani, Ritesh Patel, Rohit K. Reddy & Lee R. Zhang
Advisers:  Dr. C. K. Yan (MEC) & Dr. C. T. Wagner

Low Cost Transportable Infant Incubator

By: Amreen Ahmed, Jordan Cabello, Dave Patel, Danielle Russo (MEC) & Kevin Tseng
Advisers: Dr. B. BuSha & Dr. G. Facas (MEC)

Nasogastric Rehydration System 

By: Gabrielle Bravaco, Jonathan Gabriel, Pam Hitscherich, Joshua Min, & Paige Reinhardt
Adviser: Dr. Christopher Wagner

Portable Capnography

By: Cedd Bautista, Brijesh Patel, Benjamin Seiffer (MEC) & Manil Shah
Advisers: Dr. Constance. Hall & Dr. G. Facas (MEC)

uGrip II: A novel functional hybrid prosthetic hand design

By: Brianne Doherty, Kevin Mackiw, Raj Patel & Ashley Polhemus
Adviser: Dr. M. Paliwal (MEC)

The students were also able to attend several career related activities including a Career Fair and Expo and a Professional Development Panel, which was designed for those early in their training and careers. In addition students attended research presentations by students and faculty in biomedical engineering programs across the Northeast. Other events included a reception for all conference participants, and a panel hosted by the Syracuse University Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering (CASE) which highlighted the potential and challenged of academic industrial interactions.

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