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BMES Attends National Conference

TCNJ’s BMES student chapter with the aid of the Department of Engineering sent eleven students to the Biomedical Engineering Society’s National Conference in Hartford, CT. Several students presented posters on their research conducted at TCNJ as well as at other universities.   The conference offered the opportunity to learn about current research and developments from universities across the country as well as the  chance to network with companies and graduate schools. The trip was an eye-opening experience for all.

From left to right: Dr. Christopher Anderson, Dr. Connie Hall, Melissa Mastro ’12, Nima Rahimi ’12, Patrick Ozarek ’14, Brianne Dougherty ’13, Robert Cichocki ’12, Ashley Polhemus ’13, Erik Johnsen ’12, Richa Lamba ’12, George Banis ’14, Melissa Calt ’12, Michelle Sembkowski ’12, Dr. Brett BuSha

Posters presented in the Undergraduate Symposium (TCNJ SoEng Students in bold):

Michelle Sempkowksi (1), Amy Bendekar (2), Stavroula Sofou (2)
(1) Department of Biomedical Engineering, The College of New Jersey
(2) Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University
“Effects of liposome Size and Surface Modification on Cancer Cell Targeting and Macrophage Association”

Richa Lamba, Melissa Calt, Connie L. Hall
Department of Biomedical Engineering, The College of New Jersey
“Generation and Characterization of Model Microparticles from THP-1 Cells”

Melissa Mastro (1), Nima Rahimi (1), Teresa Nakra (2), Brett BuSha (1)
(1) Department of Biomedical Engineering
(2) Department of Music, The College of New Jersey
“A Low Cost and Unobtrusive System to Measure Emotional Arousal”

Sal Ghodbane (1), A. J. So, N.I. Nativ (2), G. Yarmush (2), J. Barminko (2), T. Macuire (2), F. Berthiaume (2), R. Schloss (2), and M.L. Yarmush (2)
(1)The Department of Biomedical Engineering, The College of New Jersey,
(2)Rutgers University
In Vitro High Through put Screening System for Defatting Steatotic Liver Cells”

Mark Sidebottom (1), Manish Paliwal (1)
Design criteria for preventing friction-induced squeak of Ceramic-on-Ceramic Hip Implants
(1) Department of Mechanical Engineering, The College of New Jersey