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Four Out of Six Mayo Business Plan Competition Semi-Finalists Include TCNJ Engineering Students

Congratulations to these TCNJ Engineering students whose teams have made it to the semi-finals of the 2023 Mayo Business Plan Competition! Three of the six semi-finalists will advance to the finals, where they will have the chance to win up to $30,000. Best of luck to all!



CrystalCost is a personalized healthcare price transparency tool that aims to serve small businesses and individuals looking to save money on medical costs without compromising quality. Our platform helps users make informed decisions about their healthcare by providing pricing estimates for medical services and offering a range of options to customize based on insurance plan and preferences such as location. With our signature Circle-Line Method, users can efficiently comprehend and compare prices across various providers. With its comprehensive pricing information, cost-saving options, and easy-to-use layout CrystalCost aims to revolutionize healthcare competency and access.


Headshot of Nitya.

Nitya Devisetti

Sophomore, Biology

Headshot of Venkata.

Venkata (Pooja) Singamneni

Sophomore, Biology

Headshot of Hajer.

Hajer Ali

Junior, Biomedical Engineering



The purpose of the pGrip is to be a grip assistive device for people suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and will aid in grasping common household objects. It will be a glove-like exoskeleton to amplify weak grip strength into a significantly greater force. Given these individuals have weakened muscles, lifting may cause fatigue-induced shaking. The pGrip will also incorporate an optional tremor reducing device to help remedy this issue. Ideally, it will remain low profile and low weight, given consumers would not benefit from unnecessary bulk. Compared to competing designs, the pGrip is unique as it will be the only device consisting of both a grip assist and hand tremor reducer. A functional glove should be comfortable and feel as a natural extension for the user when being worn. This model would also allow for prioritizing accessibility through wearability and financial acquisition.


Headshot of Tom.

Tom Morusiewicz

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Anthony.

Anthony Pezza

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of John.

John Roache

Senior, Mechanical Engineering


P & M Connectivity

At our core, we believe that every person has the right to access critical information and communication during times of crisis. P&M connectivity’s mission is to empower people in disaster-affected areas by providing them with reliable, immediate, and secure internet access and phone communication through our cutting-edge drone technology. We understand the importance of communication and information during times of crisis, and our drone is specifically designed to bridge the gap between people and critical resources. That’s why we’re dedicated to using our state-of-the-art drone technology to deliver reliable, immediate, and secure internet access and phone communication to individuals and communities affected by natural disasters


Brian Puccio

Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athanasios Mertis

Senior, Accounting


Rotating Display Case

The mission of Kinetic Art Display Unit’s product line is to offer innovative and artistic solutions for showcasing awards at educational institutions, convention centers, and sports arenas, as well as retail items for sales businesses. Our display cases utilize a mechanism that intermittently rotates multiple display shelves, maximizing the visibility of showcased items while maintaining a competitive spatial footprint and reducing wasted space. In today’s technology-driven world, our product stands out as a unique and unparalleled solution in the display market.


Headshot of Nicholas.

Nicholas Moriello

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Reid.

Reid Carrico

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Tyler.

Tyler Federoko

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Madison.

Madison Donohue

Senior, Finance