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TCNJ Biomedical Engineering Students Attend BMES Annual Conference


A large contingent of TCNJ students recently attended the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) conference in Philadelphia. BMES is the leading biomedical engineering society in the United States. Students, faculty, researchers and industry workers belonging to the organization gather once a year for their Annual Meeting. As in years past, TCNJ students were invited to showcase their summer research projects completed through the TCNJ Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience program or through an REU, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, at another institution. In addition to sharing their research projects, students were able to become familiar with different graduate programs and also had the opportunity to explore the City of Brotherly Love. Junior biomedical engineering major Akhila Tetali said she “had a great time bonding with her fellow biomedical engineers while learning about their research.”

The conference was also a great learning experience for students as they were able to attend seminars and talks led by faculty and graduate students from other institutions. Junior biomedical engineering major Kristen Zozulia said, “I was so excited when I got to see what I just learned in my Control Systems class that week in someone’s research presentation. It was great to connect what I learned in class to real-world applications.”

Poster Presentations

Design and Verification of a Dynamic Mechanical Bioreactor for Ligament Tissue Engineering
Jared D. Posselt ’20, David Brennan, Vince Z. Beachley, Christopher T. Wagner

The Effects of Simulated Space Radiation on Bone Strength in Rats
Randolff L. Carpenter ’20, Catherine M. Davis, Anthony G. Lau

Combined Hind Limb Suspension and Srankl on Bone Strength in Mice by Finite Element Analysis: Effects of Anatomic Model Height
Benjamin Hezrony ’20, Toni L. Speacht, Henry J. Donahue, Anthony G. Lau

Effects of Helium-4 Radiation on Bone Mechanics
Rosalie Connell ’21, Gary Dickinson, Catherine M. Davis, Anthony G. Lau

Medical Device Front-End Design: Characterizing Stakeholders Engaged and the Prototypes Used For Engagement
Jocelyn Burridge, Lauren Desimone ’21, Marianna J. Coulentianos, Ilka Rodriguez-Calero, Shanna R. Daley, Kathleen H. Sienko

Three Dimensional Modeling of the Pulmonary Artery
Kristen Zozulia ’21, Connie L. Hall

The Effect of a Surface Pretreatment on the Contact Angle of Hydrophobic Coatings Used in Biofouling Studies
Danyelle Underdue ’20, Kayla Devosa ’22, Manuel Figueroa

The Effects of Head Only Radiation on the Hardness of Bone
Patricia Thomas ’21, Catherine M. Davis, Gary Dickinson, Anthony G. Lau

Simulation Study of a Novel Time-Varying Pulse Sequence for Deep Brain Stimulation
Avneet S. Chawla ’21, Daniel Tamashiro, Xuefeng Wei

Long Time Elastic Modulus of Rat Femurs Exposed to Radiation Using Microindentation
Calvin J. Okulicz ’21, Gary Dickinson, Catherine M. Davis, Anthony G. Lau

Controlling Astrocyte Reactivity with Electrospun Polymer Scaffolds
Akhila Tetali ’21, Ijaz Ahmed, David I. Shreiber

Jared Posselt ’20


Randolff Carpenter ’20

Benjamin Hezrony ’20

Rosalie Connell ’21

Lauren DeSimone ’21


Kristen Zozulia ’21


Kayla Devosa ’22 & Danyelle Underdue ’20

Patricia Thomas ’21


Avneet Chawla ’21

Calvin Okulicz ’21


Akhila Tetali ’21



Photos Courtesy of Dr. Anthony Lau