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TCNJ Engineering to Receive $1.8 Million from Grant

The School of Engineering is slated to receive $1.8 million of the $33 million The College of New Jersey was awarded from the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education New Jersey (OSHE). The awarded funds will be used for the college’s “Educating New Jersey’s Next Generation Health Workforce” plan. Within the School of Engineering, the award will be used to improve prototyping technologies to support state-of-the-art pedagogy and research across all engineering disciplines. Dean Andrea Welker states  “Across the School, many of our faculty members’ interests address medical device design and the healthcare industry. There’s image analysis and biological signal detection in electrical engineering, biomaterial design and implant failure analysis in mechanical engineering, and broad healthcare applications in biomedical engineering. It is common for students from multiple engineering disciplines to work together on interdisciplinary projects. The new technology secured through this grant will support opportunities for all of our engineering students.”