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TCNJ’s BME Department Attend Annual BMES Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

For the 2017 Annual Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Meeting, 4 faculty members and 8 students (out of the 9 whose posters were accepted for presentations) from TCNJ’s Biomedical Engineering department traveled to Phoenix, AZ to present research.  The students presented research posters, and Assistant Professor, Dr. Xuefeng Wei, gave an oral presentation with student co-authors.  Below are the titles and TCNJ authors for each presentation along with pictures of students in front of their posters:

A Novel Time-Varying Stimulation Paradigm for Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr. Xuefeng Wei, Daniel Tamashiro (University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil), Ziyan Cai (Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China), Zhouyan Feng (Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China)

Novel Recessed High- Selectivity Electrode Design for Safer Deep Brain Stimulation

Aakhila Rameeza, Dr. Xuefeng Wei

Measuring The Mechanical Properties Of Biological Adhesives On Hydrophobic Surfaces

Samantha Zanetti, Samantha Moorzitz (TCNJ iSTEM), Dr. Gary Dickinson (TCNJ Biology), Dr. Manuel Figueroa (TCNJ Tech Studies)

Analysis of Strain Induced MSC Differentiation using Native ECM Scaffolds

Saveetha Raghupathi, Amulya Veldanda, Dr. Christopher Wagner

Bone Strength in Rat Models subjected to Head-Only Proton Radiation

Rose LoPiano

Computation Analysis of Strain Gradients Within 3D Hydrogel Scaffolds

Amulya Veldanda, Saveetha Raghupathi, Dr. Christopher Wagner

Finite Element Analysis Of Femoral Neck Strength Losses Due To Space Irradiation

Dale Johnson, Dr. Anthony Lau

The Effects of Hind Limb Suspension And Casting on Bone Strength

Matthew Sanseverino, Dr. Anthony Lau

Modeling Blood Flow and Heat Transfer Adjacent to a PAC used for Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

Marisa Palmeri, Merin Kalapurackal, Dr. Connie Hall

 Congrats to these students and professors for recognition of their great work!