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Therapress 1600i

Over 20 million American are affected by osteoarthritis (OA), the leading cause of disability among the elderly. To help find a solution to this problem the Biomedical Engineering team of Andrew Geronimo, Michael Holyoak, Matthew Oliver, and Eric Scherm created the Therapress 1600i (TP1600i). The device is designed as a leg press machine that can help improve the current rehabilitative practices that are used for degenerative knee disorder, such as OA.

The TP1600i is designed to be tailored to an individual’s own progress and varying rehabilitative needs. It incorporates a biofeedback package capable of recording and processing physiological signals from the subject and setting a base by which to judge a subject’s progress. Additionally the subject is outfitted with electrodes which can therapeutically excite muscle mass and help strengthen and induce growth for the muscle. The resistance of the actual press is based upon the user’s input of exertion and levels of pain. Real time data is provided for the subject to view while working out. Everything is displayed on a simple interactive interface that allows both the machine and the user to control and adjust the intensity of the exercises.

The TP1600i utilizes a combination of strength training, stimulatory electrodes, and biofeedback to maximize the effort to the user and quicken the rehabilitative process. It is the hope of the team that devices like the TP1600i will become an integral part of the rehabilitative process for people suffering from OA or other knee and leg related muscular disabilities.

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