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Biomedical Engineering Senior Projects

2013/2014 Senior Projects

Arm Prosthesis with Interactive Neural Input Device

  1. Danny Chang
  2. Ian Hinnenkamp
  3. Ashray Jha

Advisor: Xuefeng Wei

Biphasic Bioresorbable Internal Fracture Fixation Device


  1. Gabriella Becker,
  2. Allyn Calvis,
  3. Lauren Hazlett (Project Leader),
  4. Mary Verzi

Advisor: Manish Paliwal

Epilepsy Monitoring Device

  1. Mark Curran
  2. Rachel Kolb (Project Leader)
  3. Kevin Pineda
  4. Timothy Skinner

Advisors: Brett F. BuSha,  Ambrose Adegbege

Fused Deposition Modeling Bioprinter II

  1. George Banis (Project Leader)
  2. Kim Chan
  3. Chris Marki
  4. Scott Lisa

Advisor: Christopher Wagner

Intuitive Leg Assist Device II

  1. Nick Hajjar
  2. Matt Morgan
  3. Kunal Saxena
  4. Brit Zaro

Advisors: Constance Hall, Orlando Hernandez

Posture Deviation Detection System

  1. Alex Crane
  2. Krishna Doppalapudi
  3. John O’Leary
  4. Patrick Ozarek

Power Assistive Exoskeleton

  1. Miguel Colon
  2. Yara Hamid
  3. Jonathon Lopez
  4. Trevor Reynolds
  5. Leah Scully

Advisors: Brett BuSha, Seung-yun Kim, Manish Paliwal

Shape Memory Polymers Treatment of Fusiform Aneurysms

  1. Jency Mathew
  2. Lauren Lucanie
  3. Emily Readdy
  4. Yazan Kadkoy

Advisor: Constance Hall

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